Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Meet Ella Jane

Meet Ella Jane Eddins Murphy, born 130+ years ago in November 1885, she died in the spring of 1928. She was the matriarch of the Murphy Family, and my great great grandmother. She bore 10 children between 1907 and 1927. The last of her living children survived until 2002. It seems almost impossible to me that someone could link the turn of the century to the new millennium.

Ella Jane had to of been a strong woman, like most in my family. Her husband Samuel gave some of his farmland for the Sawney's Creek Baptist Church in Ridgeway, SC. On an unspecified date, a night when the family moved to the "house on [the] hill" behind the church, she gave birth to her 4th son 'Woodrow.' According to official records, this was the birth of George Woodrow Murphy on January 13th 1915.

These notes came from the family book that was found in my Papa's desk the day after his house burned down. Someone (still unknown), presumably from Sawney's Creek Baptist Church, took the time to notate the family history with notes of stories passed down, diary's found, newspaper clippings, church information, and even photos. There is a full scan of it in my very first blog entry, "The Beginning."

It's mind blowing to me to see all of this history linked together to form a story of my family.

Sometimes, I still think I can see them in all of us today. What do you think?

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